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Timisoara Multiplexity

Timisoara was the first city in Romania to use electricity for its street lighting, and it was also the first city to introduce the tram for public transport. 

The Municipality of Timisoara organized a design competition for the rehabilitation and conversion of the former tram depot, which is now considered an important piece of heritage.

Our proposal for the new Arts and Technology Center was praised by the jury for the interest shown in the process of construction and the future construction site. The project sees this dynamic process as an opportunity for a gradual public activation, that starts long before the center opens up for the public and gives people the chance to create a connection with the place. To support this idea, we created a setting that would accommodate informal events during the rehabilitation process. 

Through a scaffolding system that acts as an interface for the city, integrating platforms, stairs, and surfaces for projections, the visitors are brought into the process. The courtyard becomes an urban chamber before the buildings are ready to use.

With respect to the heritage buildings, the proposal aims to adapt as much as possible. The landscape design connects the two sites emphasizing the historical marks (tram rails) and enables access through green and permeable surfaces.

Competition proposal, 2020

Firefly Architecture, Dragonfly3Da, Serban Mara (MDMA Studio), Andrei  Musetescu, Vlad Zangor, Raluca Constantin

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