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Firefly Architecture / Silvia Diaconu

architecture / landscape / concept design / design process / research / teaching / modeling / architecture illustration / physical modeling / graphic design

Silvia was born in Bucharest, and she spent her early childhood in the countryside, where she remembers having seen a firefly once. 

Aside from this particular recollection, most of her other memories revolve around drawing and making. She studied in Bucharest, where she earned her Master's Degree in Architecture in 2015. During her studies, she participated in an Erasmus exchange in Belgium, and she did a couple of internships in renowned international offices, such as Barcode Architects in the Netherlands, or Schmidt Hammer Lassen in Denmark. Right after graduation, she completed a project for a coffee shop together with a friend, she joined the studio of her former teacher, Mihaela Pelteacu, at UAUIM, and she got a position as an assistant art director in a foreign movie. In the fall of 2015, when the movie ended, she started to work as an architect at nEAT. 

In the fall of 2016, she got accepted by the Oslo School of Architecture and Design to pursue another Master in Architecture. In order to support her studies, she worked part-time for almost two years at Grape Architects, assisting mostly with model making. 

Since her second graduation, after a few trials and errors, she decided to take charge and she founded Firefly Architecture. 

At the moment, she is working on competitions and self-initiated research projects. Recently, she also started teaching again at prof. Mihaela Pelteacu's 3rd-year studio at UAUIM.













New forms and methods

Invitation from LOF Arkitekter to showcase our work in a short presentation

OAF Nye Former (Unge Stemmer)

Invitation to talk about our practice, together with 7 other new Norwegian offices

Beta Competition 2020, Timisoara

Nomination in Innovation, Visions, Experiments - "The Enchanted Gardens of Ada Kaleh"

Barcelona Landscape Architecture Biennale 2021

AHO Participation in the Schools Competitions - "The Enchanted Gardens of Ada Kaleh"

Venice Biennale of Architecture

Contribution to Kuwait's Pavilion - "Space Wars"

Commissioned and lead by LCLA Office

Marghera-City of Making

Excellence Award - AHO Team for “Fabbrica della Biennale”

Exhibited at Padiglione Venezia

Multiplexity, Center for Arts, Technology, and Experiment - Timisoara 

7th place in the architecture competition

with Firefly Architecture, MDMA Studio, Andrei Musetescu, Vlad Zangor, Raluca Constantin

AHO Works

RIBA Silver Medal Nomination - Diploma Project "The Enchanted Gardens of Ada Kaleh"

Best Exhibition Design - Diploma Project "The Enchanted Gardens of Ada Kaleh"

project advisors: Luis Callejas, Janike Kampevold Larsen, Tuva Maire Øvsthus

Excellence in Professionalism - Studio Project "Clay grounds" with Alisha Baker

Best Exhibition Design - Studio Exhibition "Objects as Grounds"

studio tutors: Luis Callejas, Janike Kampevold Larsen, Christiana Pitsillidou

RIBA Silver Medal Nomination - Studio Project "Knowledge of Eden"

Best Exhibition Design - Studio Exhibition "Islands. Images of Many Natures"

Best Digital Graphics - Studio "Islands. Images of Many Natures"

studio tutors: Luis Callejas, Mattias Josefsson, Kai Reaver





3 m



1,5 y/ 6 m


1 y


4 m


6 m











Architecture/ Landscape/ Design

Firefly Architecture @ Fly-Collective

Founder/ Architect

Blakstad Haffner Architects, Oslo

Architect/ Project Based Collaboration

Grape Architects, Oslo

Part-time Architect / Internship 

nEAT Office, Bucharest

3D Architect/ Project Based Collaboration

Barcode Architects, Rotterdam

Intern Architect

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Aarhus

Intern Architect


LTU CoAD, 2nd-year Landscape, Michigan, USA - guest critic at A. Vasile Hoxha's Studio

UAUIM, Bucharest- guest critic at prof. Mihaela Pelteacu's Studio

AHO, Oslo - visiting tutor, studio The Desert 60529, with Luis Callejas and Gro Bonesmo

UAUIM, Bucharest - teaching assistant at prof. Mihaela Pelteacu's 3rd year Studio

UAUIM, Bucharest - teaching assistant at prof. Mihaela Pelteacu's 2nd year Studio

Art Direction & Scenography

Abis Studio & Mitra Film - commercials

Image Nation Abu Dhabi & Mitra Film - film “The Worthy”


Under Under / Gunther Vogt & Julius von Bismarck, directed by Luis Callejas - guest editor

Under Under / Andrea Branzi & Luis Callejas, directed by Luis Callejas - guest editor

The Desert (studio publication) - book designer & co-editor

Website design

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