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Invited competition organized by NAL and SiT for the a new operations center with student housing and parking in the university town of Gjøvik

w/ Edit AS

mentors: Oslo Works / consultants: iTRE, Mellomrom, TØI

A 3D model of the house of the late Sami artist Nils-Aslak Valkeapää (Áillohaš). The project was comissioned by Stiftelsen Lásságámmi.

w/ Joar Nango & Eystein Talleraas

Proposal for an open competition organized by NAL and Lillestrøm Kommune, for a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Skjærvagapet

w/ Edit AS

The Reinvention of the Mall

Unfinished competition - now a research on the urban assimilation of shopping malls

w/ Andreea V. Hoxha, Victor Moldoveanu, Ronghua Lei, Andrei Musetescu


The River-long Bench

Design fragment from an unfinished competition proposal for Dambovita riverfront in Bucharest

w/ Speed Architects, Andreea Vasile Hoxha, Alina Cristea


Competition proposal for Nasjonalt fløtingsmuseum og kompetansesenter for våtmark in Fetsund, Norway

w/ Oppopp AS, Miguel Hernandez Quintanilla

Competition proposal in Turku, Finland, that reconsiders the waterfront and its relationship with the city

w/ Speed Architects, Trygve Osmund Magnussen

Desert as Model

Contribution to Kuwait's Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2021, based on Sophie Ristelhueber's unintended echo of Man Ray's  famous "Dust Breeding"

w/ LCLA Office

Competition proposal in Timisoara, Romania, for a new center of arts and technology, that embraces the industrial artifacts of the former tram depot

w/ MDMA Studio, Andrei Musetescu. Vlad Zangor,

Raluca Constantin

Competition proposal that creates the vocabulary for a series of park prototypes

Client commission to adapt and optimize a catalog house, that provided an opportunity to investigate and question suburban living conditions


Ground in Translation

Competition proposal for Europan 15 Norway, in Guovdageaidnu, understanding the Sami working gardens as an expression of their semi-nomadic living

Diploma project that works with the memories and artifacts from a sunken Danubian island, recreating moments through spaces


diploma advisors: Luis Callejas (LCLA Office),

Janike Kampevold Larsen, Tuva Maire Øvsthus

pre-diploma tutor: Sabine Muller (SMAQ)

Academic project that aims to highlight a cultural landscape through a series of community-oriented landmark interventions

Sutro 30-32

Student competition proposal for a public library in San Francisco's Bay Area, that explores the topic of shade as an unconditional common resource

w/ Alisha Baker

studio advisors: Luis Callejas (LCLA Office),

Janike Kampevold Larsen, Christiana Pitsillidou


Academic project that looks at the archetypal form of the monastery as a learning resource for landscape design practices

studio advisors: Luis Callejas (LCLA Office),

Mattias Jossefsson, Kai Reaver


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