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Sorin is our Dragonfly. 

With more than 10 years of experience in shaping and visualizing the built and unbuilt environment, he is our expert who handles complex modeling tasks and manages the production process for still images, animations, and short films. Sorin sees every project as a chance to experiment and he advocates for authentic representations, regardless of the technique.

Firefly Architecture

Silvia is our Firefly.

She is a hybrid space seeker who acquired experience in ways that go beyond the typical architecture office work. During her second master's studies, at the Oslo School of Architecture, she had the chance to acknowledge and develop her interest in landscape architecture and creative research methods.


We are a young enthusiastic collective living in Oslo and working internationally. Our story started in Bucharest in 2015, while working at Tegmark and nEAT, sharing the same office space.

In 2016 we moved to Norway to work and study some more, and in 2019 we started our own practice(s) in an attic, with childish enthusiasm and a desire to swim against the tide. 

From here emerged a series of disciplinary questions that guide us in our creative process, and also a genuine interest in architectural education that we are currently cultivating through various interactions with younger colleagues and with each other.

At the moment, we are investigating the potential of implementing new software technologies in the architecture and landscape architecture process through a combination of analog and digital design approaches. 

We are super intuitive, highly analytical, and moderately referential. We see architecture as a form of cultural production that can have many unpredictable outcomes, and for us, the process is just as important as the final result.



Eystein Talleraas & Joar Nango

Blakstad Haffner Architects

LCLA Office

SPEED Architects

Oppopp AS

Oslo, Norway

MDMA Studio

Brasov, Romania


Alliance Arkitektur


Kastler Skjeseth Architects





Oslo, Norway

Barton & Willmore

Reading, UK

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