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Dragonfly3Da / Sorin Pasargiu

architecture visualization / special effects / film / animation / VR / concept design / design process / modeling

Sorin comes from a small town in Romania on the banks of the Danube, that is bursting with dragonflies. 

He grew up surrounded by art and crafts, and from a young age, he learned to appreciate the power of good design.  

He studied in Bucharest, where he earned his Master's Degree in Architecture in 2014. From the first years of architecture school, he was drawn towards spatial investigations through 3d modeling, and soon he started to explore rendering techniques. During his studies and right after graduation he worked as a freelancer.

In 2015 he joined Tegmark, where he was introduced to the big league of arch-viz.

After moving to Norway, he started working at A-Lab as a 3D architect, in charge of design development and image production on a wide range of projects. 

In 2019, with the creation of Dragonfly3Da, he decided to follow his own path. 

At the moment, he is working at the intersection between digital media, art, and the built environment, and he started expanding towards animations and VFX.






New forms and methods

Invitation from LOF Arkitekter to showcase our work in a short presentation

OAF Nye Former (Unge Stemmer)

Invitation to talk about our practice, together with 7 other new Norwegian offices

Venice Biennale of Architecture

Contribution to Kuwait's Pavilion - "Space Wars"

Commissioned and lead by LCLA Office

Multiplexity, Center for Arts, Technology, and Experiment - Timisoara 

7th place in the architecture competition

with Firefly Architecture, MDMA Studio, Andrei Musetescu, Vlad Zangor, Raluca Constantin





3 m


2,5 y


2 m



1,5 y




Dragonfly 3D Artist @ Fly-Collective

Founder/ 3D Artist/ 3D Architect

Blakstad Haffner Architects, Oslo

Architect/ Project Based Collaboration

A-LAB, Oslo

3D Artist/ 3D Architect


3D Architect/ Project Based Collaboration

TEGMARK, Bucharest

3D Artist/ 3D Architect

Freelancer, Bucharest

3D Artist/ 3D Architect

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