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Norske arkitekters landsforbund (NAL) and Studentsamskipnaden i Gjøvik, Ålesund og Trondheim (SiT) organized a competition based on prequalification, for a new operation center (driftssentral) and student housing in Gjøvik. The competition was open to all the Wildcard-registered practices in Norway, and each team had to be mentored by an experienced office. 

Fly-Collective & Edit was one of the four teams selected to participate, with Oslo Works as a mentoring office. The other selected teams were Sanden&Hodnekvam (winner), Resell Nicca, and KOHT Arkitekter. 

The site has a conflicting character - given by its position at the edge of the campus, surrounded by extensive parking areas, but also right by the forest, with impressive views and great potential of connecting to the hiking and biking trails. 

After a thorough investigation on-site, some insightful discussions with consultants on various themes, and a serious study of precedents, we decided on three main goals: to strengthen the relationship between the campus and our site, through a welcoming “tun”, to generate an open and flexible operation center that becomes a strong articulation for the newly created urban space, and, last but not least, to create a rich palette of housing options with diverse qualities for the students.

The project was praised by the jury in their report for its urban qualities and for the diversity of housing typologies.

Proposal for an invited competition, 2021

Fly Collective & Edit AS / Mentor: Oslo Works / Consultants: iTRE, Mellomrom, TØI

View from the workshop space
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