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Villa Suburbana

Villa Suburbana plays on the notion of "generic" in the suburban contexts touched by urban sprawl.

The project was commissioned by a client who wanted to fit a catalog house on a 500 sqm plot that he hadn't bought yet, in one of the new residential areas outside Bucharest. 

This peculiar brief instantly raised some intriguing issues of site-specificity and questioned the typical architecture process.

How to imagine a house that is generic enough to fit it anywhere in this spongy suburban fabric and specific enough to accommodate the client's current and future needs?

The solution was to make the house respond only to the essential factors, such as natural light, orientation, the relationship with its garden, spatial efficiency, adaptability, and economy.

Then, the symmetry establishes a neutral relation with any potential neighbors. The nine cells structure allows for efficient partitioning, and the horizontal distribution spaces are perpendicular, so all the rooms receive optimal lighting. This flexible overall frame, which allows extra space division, empowers the user to respond independently to any anticipated changes in his life.

Unbuilt project, 2020

Firefly Architecture

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