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Urban Grove. Edible Landscapes

This is a proposal for a series of park typologies in Galati - a town in Romania. The municipality organized an open call for park designs, in order to replace the garage clusters built illegally in the ‘90s' inside the dormitory neighborhoods. They provided four possible outlines that resulted in four typologies of parks.
The project promotes democratic values for public space, such as the right to shadow, shelter, and food. 
The four typologies, identical in surface (approx. 500 sqm each) are organized in 3 layers with independent logic and composition: the ground surface, the objects, and the canopy. 
There are just four types of vegetation (acacia, fruit shrubs, fruit trees, and local grass) that would create recognizable ecosystems, bringing the people small pieces of the forest from the town’s outskirts.

Competition proposal, 2020

Firefly Architecture

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