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The Municipality of Lillestrøm together with Norske arkitekters landsforbund (NAL) organized an open competition for a new pedestrian bridge where Nitelva - the main river - meets Sagelva - its tributary, that would better link the town to a new school planned to open soon in that area. The bridge is desired to be an icon and also an important part of the main hiking trail of the city, which follows the linear natural park along the river. 

With these considerations in mind, we designed the bridge as a room on top of the water, that would shelter people during the bad weather, allowing them to enjoy the sight.

Subtle references are made to the industry of wood logging that was essential for this area in the past: some elements that were characteristic of this landscape were borrowed, transformed, and embedded in the configuration of the bridge. 

The bridge is strongly anchored on the south side, through a concrete platform and sits gently on a sculptural foot in the north side that is strongly dominated by vegetation.

On the south side, we played with the topography, providing people a picnic meadow, while the north side opens up with an outdoor room, that could be used as an alternative classroom by the neighboring school.

Proposal for an open competition 2021

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Lillestrom Bridge
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