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Elements of Turku

The Municipality of Turku, in Finland, launched an open call to gather ideas for the post-industrial development of the waterfront. The site -a huge concrete platform, currently under the flood-safe level - has a difficult position, in the center of the city, next to the medieval castle - the symbol of Turku, and it used to include a lot of industrial building, and the ferry terminal that will now move nearby, to make space for the urban development.

Our vision for Turku embraces the climate changes and includes the great water-level variations in the decision-making process. The proposal works intensively with the given conditions, to the extent that it allows and it curates a degradation of the platform in a controlled way that is integrated into the design.

The project implements progressive changes to the waterfront’s morphology and equipment, by establishing safety and leisure elements - such as the lifted promenade along the former train platform, the green islands as cutouts of the surrounding archipelago, and the sports fields drawn on top of the abandoned concrete platform. 
The measures are cheap and easy to implement in stages, and they allow the permanent use of the waterfront in all scenarios - dry/ flooded, summer/ winter.

Competition proposal, 2020

Firefly Architecture, Dragonfly3Da, Speed Architects, Trygve Osmund Magnussen

Elements of Turku_Masterplan
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