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Ada Kaleh 2. Botanical Atlas

The botanical atlas is an imaginary nursery cluster, carefully recording the main vegetation specimens that were identified in connection with the island.

The drawing process initiated a profound understanding of the tree, from the smallest details to its overall architecture, depth and transparency. It was helpful to understand the impact that each of these species had upon the flat landscape of the island.

Each tree is drawn in details suitable for scale 1:100 and they were adapted for the image of the island to suit 1:500.

The 30 species identified are organized in 8 gardens, in the following order

- nut trees
- fruit trees
- specific fruit trees (native)
- fruit shrubs and hanging plants
- blooming shrubs and trees
- trees that befriended the water
- trees that define the silhouette

Not all the specimens belonged to Ada Kaleh in a physical sense, but myths and stories placed them there, so it was important to map them as well. This special category is titled "trees of the absurd".

Fragment of the Diploma Project - "The Enchanted Gardens of Ada Kaleh",

Oslo School of Architecture, 2019

Advisors - Luis Callejas, Janike Kampevold Larsen, Tuva Maire Øvsthus

The completion of this work could not have been possible without the help and support of Engur & Mioara Ahmet, Mahinur Hairi Apostol, (Ada Kaleh - A Spot of Paradise), INP Bucuresti, State Archives Turnu Severin, who provided me not only with an incredible amount of photographs but also with other valuable information and inspiring dialogues.

I am sincerely grateful for all of that.

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