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A Remote Survey

We like doing surveys and modeling existing buildings, because it is a great opportunity to learn by drawing. This exercise was particularly interesting for our practice, from a cultural, but also from a technical point of view. 

The task brought us closer to the Sami culture, that we appreciate so much. We worked in collaboration with Joar Nango and Eystein Talleraas on a project for Stiftelsen Lásságámmi in Skibotn. The task was to survey and create a 3D model of the house of the late artist Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, also known as Áillohaš. This survey will be used later on as a base for the rehabilitation of the building and its transformation into a residence for artists. 

The project happened during the covid lockdown, when traveling was not possible in Norway. The team from Fly-Collective was in Oslo, while Eystein and Joar were on site. Since we couldn't visit the site and measure anything, we used our technological advantages and asked our collaborators to take some rough measurements and then to 3D scan the house inside and outside with their iPhones. The 3D scanning feature was still quite new at the time and for us it was incredibly exciting to put it to good use. After a couple of tests, we received the 3D files, we compiled them and went on modeling the house. 

At the end of this first stage, we assisted with modeling and representation for a small shed (main image below) that will be added to the house, and a few special furniture pieces that will be included in the rehabilitation project.

Commissioned project, 2021

Fly Collective with Joar Nango & Eystein Talleraas

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